Explore The World Through Watches With Charlie Burgoyne

Explore The World Through Watches With Charlie Burgoyne

Charlie Burgoyne is not your typical physicist. His life is a testament to breaking boundaries and embracing the extraordinary. From professional racing to scaling mountains, his adventures know no bounds. But what truly sets Charlie apart is his unwavering commitment to honor, grit, and curiosity, values that he carries with him in every endeavor both in his spirit and on his wrist.

most advanced piece

100 years ago, the most advanced piece of technology on the planet was the wrist watch. Even steam engines and early telegraph machines were not as advanced. 

For Charlie, watches are not just accessories, they represent human ingenuity.

“If you take (a watch) apart, what you find is the most fascinating collection of innovations all within 40mm of area.”

This appreciation for watch innovation is part of what makes capturing timepieces and their unique identities so fascinating to Burgyone. Whether submerged 15-20 feet underwater with his Planet Ocean or experiencing zero gravity with his Omega Moonwatch, Charlie seeks to immortalize these timepieces in their element, each photo serving as a testament to the watch’s resilience and “grit”. Through his photography, Charlie invites viewers to witness the marriage of form and function, where every intricate detail tells a story.

watches hold a special place in Charlie's heart

Beyond both their complexity and robustness, watches hold a special place in Charlie's heart, marking a variety of milestones in his life. To him, they are one of the most meaningful forms of innovation. “I have different watches that mean different things to me. I got a watch when my first child was born, when I started my first company, and to celebrate the racing victories we’ve had,” he shares.  Among his prized possessions is his Speedmaster Moon Watch, signed by a friend of his, an Apollo 16 astronaut, symbolizing a bond that transcends time and space. 

“Most of my success has had nothing to do with intellect, it’s been completely grit and acting honorably and acting on curiosity… Those three values are very encapsulated in watches.”

Charlie Burgyone speaking on a pannel at SXSW 2024.
Charlie Burgyone speaking on a pannel at SXSW 2024.

For Charlie, watches embody the very same values that he lives his life by. Designed to be robust in a variety of environments, watches serve as a testament to grit, while fascinating complications are a testament to curiosity. Similarly to a knight’s shield holding his family’s crest, Charlie says watches are a testament to an individual’s honor and unique legacy that they come from or are building. Oftentimes, they are a hallmark to what you aspire.


In the world of watches, whether you're a new or avid collector, the connection is deeply personal. Through his adventures, Charlie Burgoyne embodies the essence of honor, grit, and curiosity, inspiring others to redefine their own boundaries.

Join us as we follow Charlie’s upcoming adventures here, on our watch blog at kormanfinejewelry.com.

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Charlie's Seamaster Planet Ocean and Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch