Redefining Timekeeping With Ressence Watches

Redefining Timekeeping With Ressence Watches

By: Redefining Timekeeping With Ressence Watches: Ressence Authorized Dealer

When it comes to watchmaking, Ressence goes beyond boundaries. Founded in 2010 by Belgian industrial designer Benoît Mintiens, Ressence has carved a niche for itself with its innovative designs and unique approach to displaying time. Join us as we dive into what makes Korman’s newest timepiece partner exceptional, from their technical innovations to their playful use of color. 

A Watch Without Hands, How a Ressence Watch Works

One of the most striking features of Ressence watches is their distinctive dial and display system. Rather than conventional hands and a crown, each Ressence timepiece features a patented mechanism known as the Ressence Orbital Convex System (ROCS). This system features rotating discs that indicate the time. One disc indicating the hour, one for the minutes, and another indicating the seconds. These orbiting discs create a fluid, ever-changing dial that sets Ressence apart from traditional timepieces.


Oil-Filled and A Domed Dial and Crystal

Many Ressence models, such as the Type 3 and Type 5, feature both domed dials and crystals. This design improves legibility from almost any angle while the domed crystal creates a magnifying effect. 

Some models like the Type 5 dive watch take innovation a step further by incorporating an oil-filled top chamber, eliminating reflections and creating the illusion of the dial being projected directly onto the glass. Through the clever use of magnets, the oil-filled chamber is separated from the mechanical inner workings through the clever use of magnets, and ensures that the legibility of Ressence watches applies even when the timepiece is underwater. 


How to Set the Time on a Ressence Watch

Without a crown, setting the time on a Ressence watch can initially seem challenging, but proves to be surprisingly convenient.The innovative setting mechanism involves simply rotating the caseback, a feature that further underscores the brand's commitment to redefining conventional watch design.

Ressence Type 1, Type 8 and Everything in Between

  • Ressence Watch Type 1: The original model featuring the ROCS system, characterized by its minimalist design and innovative time display.
  • Ressence Watch Type 1²: An evolution of the Type 1, featuring the patented ROCS 1 driven by the minute axle of a customized self-winding 2892 base calibre. The 3-dimensional dial is composed of 107 parts, creating an ever changing visual experience.
  • Ressence Watch Type 2: Integrates eCrown® technology, which detects when the watch is no longer being worn and stops the movement to preserve power. Activated by tapping the crystal, it offers a new tactile experience and automatically sets the time. It includes features like dual time zones, light energy charging, and app connectivity for enhanced convenience.
  • Ressence Watch Type 3: The first model with an oil-filled dial, offering excellent legibility
    Ressence Watch Type 8: Their most affordable model, focusing on minimalism and enhanced ergonomics.
  • Ressence Watch Type 5: A dive watch with an oil-filled dial, designed for underwater clarity and readability.


Beyond hands and beyond industrial design, Ressence watches represent a bold leap forward in the world of fine-watchmaking. “Built on the expertise of yesterday, crafted with today’s technology, our watches are designed for tomorrow,” founder Benoît Mintiens said of his timepieces. By reimagining the way time is displayed and interacted with, Ressence has created a line of timepieces that are as functional as they are visually appealing. Whether it's the use of rotating discs, the oil-filled chambers for underwater readability, or their calming color palettes that captivates you, Ressence is a collection to have on your wrist. As one of only 15 retailers in the United States, we invite you to the rare experience of trying on Ressence watches in our Austin showroom. Additionally, you can explore our collection of Ressence watches online and follow us @kormanfinejewelry for more updates and exclusive content.